SRI DAMANSARA CAMPUS (No. Pendaftaran: DKU001 (W))                                                                                                      HOTLINE: 1-300-88-1200

Educational Goals

  • To provide a conducive and friendly environment for higher education learning, teaching, and support services, which also cater for the disables.
  • To conduct research and development programmers, and creative activities for innovative products in perpetuating intellectual properties for commercialization.
  • To nurture students’ ability to analyze, rationalize problems, evaluate, and make critical decision based on evidence and experience towards becoming good leaders with good community
  • assimilation and appreciative social responsibilities.
  • To benchmark for excellent quality management system in line with the international corporate governance and good management practices.
  • To provide industrial and professional skills and linkages based on social and human sciences, sound scientific and technological principles and moral obligation in its practice.
  • To inculcate positive attitudes, good mannerism, competency, innovative, and creativity among students with inspiring human resources, healthy environment and excellent facilities and
  • support services.
  • To engage well qualified, experienced, and competent academic and management staff who share our vision and strive to deliver quality education in achieving our goals and aspirations.
  • To continuously support and encourage academic staff to acquire contemporary knowledge and industry based education and their dissemination for mutual application and practices.
  • To collaborate and establish good networking with stakeholders and industries for knowledge based applied output and marketable graduates.
  • To collaborate and establish network with international organizations for academic staff upgrading and improvement on contemporary knowledge and for reputable recognitions.
  • To instill ambition and desire in students for continuous upgrading of knowledge and experience, and the application of a life-long learning process.
  • To emphasize and enhance on the usage of latest technologies, ICT and global development in teaching, learning and management of an excellent University College.