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Diploma in Hotel Management

KPT/JPS(R/811/4/0004)10/15 (A6584)

Programme Description

The programmed level course is tailored to produce well rounded graduates who are independent and marketable with the potential to become professional in tourism industry. The course will enable students to understand the board perspective of tourism and its related areas such as E-Tourism, Eco-tourism, Marketing Tourism and entrepreneurship as well as issues that affect the tourism industry. This course also will expose students with internship work experience in tourism industry that offers real hand-on experience.

Duration Studies :

  • (6 Semester)

Entry Requirements :

  • Pass in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with 3 credits OR
  • Pass in Sijil Kemahiran MARA (SKM) Level 3 with 1 credit in SPM